Meeting Point (2013)

February, 2013
Meeting Point projection

Step into a live, interactive dance film.

A cinematic transformation of a public square, Meeting Point allows two strangers to move together remotely from opposite ends of the space. Their combined movement, captured, merged and creatively manipulated, projected onto a single point in the urban landscape.

The work uses uses two infra-red CCTV cameras, custom computer software and a large-scale projector.  It allows the two participants to interact with each other and, through motion detection, with the other audio and visual elements of each section — eg. the record scratching section allows them to control the spin on screen and the sound of the record by moving from side to side.

Meeting Point was originally commissioned by Dancin' Oxford 2013 for Bonn Square. We are currently working on a touring package for this work, as well as developing new sections. If you'd be interested in hosting Meeting Point, please get in touch.